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Seminar on “The Profit or Loss calculation and the Balance creation in Jumis”

Agenda: understand and learn how to create the Profit or Loss calculation and the Balance creation in Jumis by practical adding accounts to the schemas available in Jumis.

During the seminar the recommendations how to create the Profit or Loss calculation by year, quarter, month or by any period and how to prepare the balance as of any date will be given to participants:

The Profit or Loss calculation;


The practical preparing of the Profit or Loss calculation and the Balance either using our database or using your own database taking it or connecting remotely.

Lector: Mg.oec. Nadezda Zilbere, Jumis certified expert, accountant.
Date/Time and Place: 10:00-13:00, Zoom online.
Handouts: participants receive handouts with all seminar examples in PDF-format.
Participation Fee: EUR 40.00 plus VAT (price with VAT EUR 48.40).
Payment Terms: Prepayment.
Additional Information: e-mail: , phone: 28852257, www.enols.com/seminars

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