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Accounting Services

What We Can Do?
Enols provides accounting services for enterprises registered in Latvia.
Our experts supply your enterprise accounting in proper time, precisely and clearly, calculate taxes, advice about bookkeeping and taxation, and prepare all necessary reports for the State Revenue Service and other government departments. We prepare the management reports for financing rating of your company.

Why it is Advantageous for You to Cooperate with Us?
  • We provide individual approach for each client.
  • We have knowledge and experience in accounting and reporting.
  • We will represent you in State Revenue Service, Statistical department and other government departments.
  • We keep up with the latest changes in accounting and taxation legislation.
  • We use computer-based accounting and record-keeping according to Latvian laws.
  • We are mobile and we can arrive to the client.
  • It is not necessary to pay separately for something of that.

What We Offer?
  • Accounting policy and card of accounts development based on the enterprise peculiarity.
  • Record and calculation of bills and invoices. Goods accounting. Reporting on movements, turnover and stock rotation. Log of invoices.
  • Account payables and account receivables. Control of payment periods. Inter-payments, status of inter-payments as of any date by client's request.
  • Cashless flow. Account statements processing. Payment orders preparation.
  • Cash flow. Cash receipts and expenses orders processing. Cashbook.
  • Advance holder's and business trips documents processing and reporting.
  • Registration of personnel for enterprise. Employees' hours tracking and timesheets. Payroll accounting and tax calculation.
  • Fixed assets registration and calculation of deterioration in financial and taxation accounting.
  • Leasing, leases, credits, credit lines processing and reporting.
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual reports preparation and delivery for different government departments.
  • Annual report preparation (profit and loss calculation, balance, cash flow, owned capital changes reporting, annual report addendum, and certified auditor conclusion).
  • Management and proprietor financial reports preparation (operational balance, profit and loss calculation, account payables and account receivables reporting, etc).
  • Possibility of teaching enterprise personnel to implement several bookkeeping processes at theirs desk.
  • Accounting documentation ordering for the previous periods.
  • Consultations and advises on bookkeeping questions, and tax legislation.
  • Sales, installation, support and maintenance of accounting system Jumis.

Types of Cooperation with the Clients
  • Complete or partial accounting services in our office
  • Accounting services in client's office
  • Chief accountant and tax consultant services

Our Rates
Monthly rate is being calculated individually for each client depending on net-turnover, numbers of source documents, employees, fixed assets and number of required reports. The fixed monthly price offered to the clients with flat number of the documents; if the number of monthly documents is different, the price is being formed from the fixed part plus the variable part dependent on the number of the documents.

If you are interested in our accounting services, please contact us by phone 2-8852257 or by email .
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