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“Enols” is a training center for the Jumis system and our experienced specialists train for working with the Jumis and Jumis Personals systems.
Enols provides the following Jumis system services:

Latest News
Jumis system accounting seminar
on January 23, 2019
At accounting seminar on January 23, 2019 our certified Jumis expert delivered the speech about our seminars "the VAT declarations", "the Profit or Loss calculation and the Balance creation" and "the Budget Estimates" in Jumis.
See video!

Jumis Seminars
Our seminars on actual Jumis topics were started in 2017. The first seminar “The VAT declarations, PVN 1 and PVN 2 reports creation in Jumis” took place at January 20, 2017; the seminar “The Profit or Loss calculation and the Balance creation in Jumis” are taking place starting from October 27, 2017; the seminar “The Budget Estimates, Dimensions, Structural Units in Jumis” are taking place starting from November 21, 2018. We are going to offer new online seminars in 2023. The seminars are taking place almost monthly, follow the news at our web site.

Jumis Consultations
We offer our certified expert free consultations at Jumis system accounting seminars.
Currently we offer commercial (paid) Jumis consultations only in our office. The price is starting from 45 EUR + VAT per hour for SIA “Enols” clients *, for other the price is 60 EUR + VAT. Contact us to discuss availability and possible consultation time..
* who attended our seminars or bought Tildes Jimis subscription

If you are interested in our services, please contact our certified Jumis expert by phone 2-8852257 or by email .
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